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If you have ceiling texture applied before 1978, it may contain asbestos. Some builders used this product to increase the life of the products they were using. I have talked to removal specialists and they say less than 5% of pre 1978 homes have it. This mineral can be hazardous if it becomes airborne, so call your local health department to learn safe procedures for removal and disposal.

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FAQ - Ceiling texture - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Commonly asked ceiling texture repair questions.

My ceiling got wet from a leak in the bathroom above. There are some stains, and in a few spots the texture is lifting? How can I repair it?

This is very common and the leading cause of texture repairs. Leaking pipes, leaking roofs and unwanted moisture in the ceiling can cause problems from minor staining to major texture falling off the ceiling problems.

The method used to repair the ceiling depends on the size of the damage. The larger the area to repair the more difficult it becomes to match the rest of the texture. A nice even texture spray is needed to repair the area.

Preparing the damaged area for texture application
All loose texture MUST be removed from the ceiling prior to re application by either scraping or sanding. It can be hard to tell how much of the texture has been loosened by the water damage. Carefully inspect the area.

Repair any holes or damage to the drywall. If the application of a drywall compound (drywall mud) is needed make sure that the area it is being applied to is free of old texture. The reason I say this is because you want to keep the ceiling as flat and low as possible. If you mud over texture then you will have a high spot in the ceiling that will be impossible to blend with the rest of the ceiling because it will stick out further. Run a sanding sponge over the area to remove and ruff spots. If the ceiling texture has previously been painted with any kind of paint the prep work will prove more difficult.

Now that the ceiling is nice and smooth it is time to prime the ceiling. I recommend a non oil based non sealing primer like the one I use: Synko quick dry or synko roll on available at home depot. Priming the drywall creates an ideal surface for the texture and insures maximum bonding.

Texture Time
Now its time to apply the ceiling texture. Never use the texture spray cans offered at places like home depot and rona. Its a good cheap idea but the end result is nothing like the result achieved from proper texture materials. i.e. Synko texture mud compound.

No matter how good the prep work is, if the texture is not applied properly the result will be less than satisfactory.

Using a ceiling repair professional is always your best bet.

Concrete ceiling texture repair - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Concrete ceiling with ceiling texture on it.

Where its found: The majority of apartment buildings have concrete ceilings.

What you should know about concrete ceilings: In order for ceiling texture to be applied to a concrete ceiling the concrete must first be coated with a concrete seal. Concrete seal is a grainy product similar to drywall mud. It creates a smooth flat surface that allows the ceiling texture to absorb into it and in the end have the same appearance as a new dry wall textured ceiling.

Concrete ceilings requiring a texture repair: If the concrete itself is showing through the texture this will have to be patched first. To save time and money I recommend patching it yourself. Home depot carries this product. Make sure that the layer of concrete seal you apply to the ceiling is thin enough to have a layer of texture applied to it and still be flush with the rest of the ceiling. After 24 hours, when the seal is completely dry you can use a sanding sponge to gently remove any ridges and make the patch as smooth and flush as possible.

When I arrive I will paint the patch with a latex primer and then spray on the texture and match it to the rest of the ceiling.

warning- Please do not use the texture spray cans available at home depot. Especially not the knock down can. At least one repair a week that I do is a result of a home owner trying to use these canned texture products and ending up with a mess on there ceiling. For some reason these canned products dry to a rock hard finish (where as normal texture products are soft) and scraping the canned product off to repair the ceiling properly becomes a time consuming and costly procedure.


About me - the Texture King - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

I am a 29 year old calgarian that has lived in this great city my entire life.
I have been doing nothing but texturing ceilings for the past decade.
I was an employee of Cal-Tex for one year.
Then I became a Sub-Contractor through Cal-Tex for 7 years. (Used my own tools but got the work from cal-tex)
Now, and for the past 2 years, I have been the proud owner/operator of the "Texture King" company that has been performing flawlessly in and around the Calgary, Alberta area.

I came to realize that the majority of homeowners, with small texture repairs, found the average price around the city rather daunting and rightfully so. $400 for a 1x1 foot patch and 30 minutes of work is a little excessive but the large companies cannot afford to go cheaper. Even myself with one employee couldnt go cheaper than $300 to make it worth my while.

I have now decided to form a one man texture repair service that will be affordable for every home owner and my decade of nothing but texture experience will insure a quality job every time.

Texture king ceiling texture repair calgary
Texture king ceiling texture repair calgary
Texture king ceiling texture repair calgary

Texture king ceiling texture repair calgaryTexture king ceiling texture repair calgary

Texture king ceiling texture repair calgary
Texture king ceiling texture repair calgaryTexture king ceiling texture repair calgaryknock down textured ceiling repairs calgary

Do it yourself ceiling texture repair - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

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Knock down ceiling texture repair - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

What you should know about Knock down ceiling texture:In order for the knock down ceiling texture to be applied properly the sprayed on mud must be able to absorb into the drywall and dry from the drywall outwards. When the drywall has been painted with an oil based paint such as one of the many Killz products (sealers and stainblockers), the sprayed on mud is not able to absorb into the drywall and as a result begins to dry on the surface. Then when the knock down trowel is being dragged along the ceiling, to create the flat effect, the mud is smeared out and the result is an eye sore.

What you must do to an oil painted ceiling in order to apply the knock down texture:You have a few of options. You can sand through the oil paint, if it is a thin layer. But this can be a back breaking and arduous task. You can buy some drywall mud and skim a fine layer over the oil painted ceiling. Allow that to dry and then apply the knock down texture. Or if the drywall itself is older and misshaped, you could tear it all down and start fresh with brand new drywall.

How to tell if your ceiling is oil painted or not:You can usually tell whether paint is oil or latex by the feel of it... oil paints tend to be very smooth to the touch while latex paints have a slightly rubbery feel. The difference is more distinct with gloss paints, less so with flat paints.

Of course, this method may work for me but is not very helpful if you don't have a tactile "frame of reference"... e.g. experience. Since your objective is to paint over the old paint, the easiest way to tell is to rub an area of the paint with either denatured alcohol or a paint deglosser. If the paint is latex, a small amount of paint may be removed and/or the paint surface will become slightly tacky. If the paint is oil, neither of these things will happen.

Boarding and taping for knock down textured ceilings: As for any type of ceiling texture being applied the ceiling should be free of humps, due to poor drywall boarding or insufficient taping, and also free of ridges left from the drywall mud during the taping process. This is mandatory for all textures but especially for the knockdown texture. This is because, unlike the rest of the textures, the knockdown does not completely cover the drywall. In fact in some situations as much as 20% of the drywall may still show through.

Ceiling texture stain removal

Most ceiling stains generate from the drywall into the texture and therefore removing and reapplying the texture will cause the new texture to stain as well.

Popcorn stipple and Splatter stipple can be removed, have a non oil based primer sealer applied to the drywall and then have the texture applied with the stain safely sealed beneath it.
Knockdown texture demands maximum absorption into the drywall to be able to drag a knockdown trowel over it and have it look good and a sealer will prevent the texture from doing this. Because of this most knockdown stain repairs will require an oil based paint applied after the texture is applied and usually the entire room must be painted to prevent color differences.

Because the brilliant white color of new texture fades over the years (usually 15 + years unless the homeowner smokes or creates other fumes) repairing small areas of the ceiling in older homes usually leaves a noticeable color difference. This is remedied by painting the entire ceiling and restoring the original color to the entire room.

Ceiling texture matching - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

I have matched many repairs to many different texture companies ceilings over the years. All reputable companies (myself included) use similar products with similar colors and results.

Many people ask if I will be able to match the existing ceiling. The only problem would be a color difference if the ceiling is 10 years old or older. This is easily repaired by painting the entire room.

Ceiling texture painting - Calgary ceiling texture

It is possible to paint over any textured ceilings.

I do not recommend using a paint roller to paint over Popcorn textured ceilings because it will just pull the texture right off in most cases unless the popcorn texture was previously painted.

Ceiling texture nicotine stains - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

It is hard to see the gradual yellowing of ceiling texture over the years caused by nicotine from cigarettes or other toxins. Ceiling texture should be as white as the snow for the first 15 or so years and longer if the home is mostly fume free.

To repair a nicotine stained ceiling an oil based paint or some kind of sealer should be used as a stain will come right through and sometimes even worsen when just a latex paint is applied.

Ceiling texture water damage - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

When dealing with water damaged drywall and ceiling texture your main concern is removing all the wet material possible and insuring everything from the drywall to insulation and even the woodwork in the framing is completely dry and mold and mildew free.

Most small water damaged areas in a ceiling are repaired by cutting out the drywall, removing any wet insulation bleaching and sterilizing any damp and potentially mold inducing wood and then replacing all the removed items.

If the water damage is minor and the drywall can be properly dried then there is no need to remove it.

Ceiling drywall replacement - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

When dealing with drywall damage, whether it be water damaged drywall, cracked or warped drywall or just a mystery drywall stain it is best to replace the drywall and start fresh.

After a leaky pipe is repaired, the drywall that it leaked onto may dry itself out over time or it may become infested with mold. Better to replace the drywall than risk health or safety issues.

Fortunately, it is easy to replace a small section of drywall, and after a good taping job is done, the ceiling texture can be applied in that area and easily matched to the rest of the ceiling. Problems for matching the ceiling usually occur when the ceiling is 20 plus years old and the old texture has changed color slightly. The cure for this is to oil paint your entire ceiling although this step is not usually necessary.

I do not do any drywall repairs myself but I do know quite a few talented and decently priced tapers upon request. All drywall repairs should be completed before I arrive.

- Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Popcorn stipple repairs - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Popcorn stipple, also known as acoustic texture or regular stipple is the easiest texture to repair because it hides some drywall and taping problems, It can be applied over almost any type of paint and is decently easy to match an existing textured ceiling.

- Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Popcorn stipple removal - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Most choose to wet the ceiling with water to ease the job of removing popcorn stipple from a ceiling. This loosens the texture and makes it a dream to scrape off well at the same time reducing the dust that would normally come with dry scraping.

- Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Ceiling texture patches - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Prior to my arrival all drywalling taping and mudding should be completed. If the drywall patch requires a bit of sanding I dont mind as long as its not the entire ceiling that needs to be sanded.

I can recommend a good taper if you need one but I do not do any taping or boarding myself.

- Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Drywall hole patching - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Ceiling texture water stains


Lowest Price Guaranteed - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Small ceiling texture repair costs vary drastically, in Calgary alberta, from the high end big companies to the low end Jack of all trades that texture on the side. At the cheapest end you have the tapers (many found on kijiji) who texture on the side and may or may not do a good job of your texture repairs. It is a coin flip as I have repaired many tapers texture jobs who claimed perfection and even after the home owner has expressed disapproval the taper still claims it is a good job done. I was nearly involved in a court case over an argument as to whether the ceiling was a good job or not. Homeowner refused to pay the taper for the bad texture job, Hired me to come in and redo the entire ceiling and write a letter stating that the previous texture job was unacceptable. Later on the taper gave up trying to get paid and the matter dissolved.

A tactic of larger companies is to not give a price over the phone or email and once they are on your property it is hard to refuse them the work even if the price is higher than anywhere else.

Long story short, I am great at what I do. 10 years experience with nothing but ceiling texture in Calgary and surrounding area. I have a plethora of extremely happy homeowners and also contractors I deal with that I use for references upon request.

My prices are
$200 for Regular texture repairs (popcorn stipple texture).
$250 for Splatter repairs.
$250 for Knockdown texture repairs.

I do jobs of all sizes so feel free to give me a call for a quote.

I am located in calgary but I do jobs within a reasonable distance out of town as well.
- Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Contact Info - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Texture King is a full service ceiling texture company.
No job is too large or too small.

Texture repairs that fall under this discounted price are small and simple. Under 50 square feet total. For slightly larger repairs I am willing to negotiate a fair price.

Jason Kowalchuk - 403-714-2737

My prices are
$250 for Regular texture repairs (popcorn stipple texture).
$250 for Splatter repairs.
$250 for Knockdown texture repairs.