Ceiling drywall replacement - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

When dealing with drywall damage, whether it be water damaged drywall, cracked or warped drywall or just a mystery drywall stain it is best to replace the drywall and start fresh.

After a leaky pipe is repaired, the drywall that it leaked onto may dry itself out over time or it may become infested with mold. Better to replace the drywall than risk health or safety issues.

Fortunately, it is easy to replace a small section of drywall, and after a good taping job is done, the ceiling texture can be applied in that area and easily matched to the rest of the ceiling. Problems for matching the ceiling usually occur when the ceiling is 20 plus years old and the old texture has changed color slightly. The cure for this is to oil paint your entire ceiling although this step is not usually necessary.

I do not do any drywall repairs myself but I do know quite a few talented and decently priced tapers upon request. All drywall repairs should be completed before I arrive.

- Calgary ceiling texture repairs

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