Ceiling texture stain removal

Most ceiling stains generate from the drywall into the texture and therefore removing and reapplying the texture will cause the new texture to stain as well.

Popcorn stipple and Splatter stipple can be removed, have a non oil based primer sealer applied to the drywall and then have the texture applied with the stain safely sealed beneath it.
Knockdown texture demands maximum absorption into the drywall to be able to drag a knockdown trowel over it and have it look good and a sealer will prevent the texture from doing this. Because of this most knockdown stain repairs will require an oil based paint applied after the texture is applied and usually the entire room must be painted to prevent color differences.

Because the brilliant white color of new texture fades over the years (usually 15 + years unless the homeowner smokes or creates other fumes) repairing small areas of the ceiling in older homes usually leaves a noticeable color difference. This is remedied by painting the entire ceiling and restoring the original color to the entire room.

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