Concrete ceiling texture repair - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

Concrete ceiling with ceiling texture on it.

Where its found: The majority of apartment buildings have concrete ceilings.

What you should know about concrete ceilings: In order for ceiling texture to be applied to a concrete ceiling the concrete must first be coated with a concrete seal. Concrete seal is a grainy product similar to drywall mud. It creates a smooth flat surface that allows the ceiling texture to absorb into it and in the end have the same appearance as a new dry wall textured ceiling.

Concrete ceilings requiring a texture repair: If the concrete itself is showing through the texture this will have to be patched first. To save time and money I recommend patching it yourself. Home depot carries this product. Make sure that the layer of concrete seal you apply to the ceiling is thin enough to have a layer of texture applied to it and still be flush with the rest of the ceiling. After 24 hours, when the seal is completely dry you can use a sanding sponge to gently remove any ridges and make the patch as smooth and flush as possible.

When I arrive I will paint the patch with a latex primer and then spray on the texture and match it to the rest of the ceiling.

warning- Please do not use the texture spray cans available at home depot. Especially not the knock down can. At least one repair a week that I do is a result of a home owner trying to use these canned texture products and ending up with a mess on there ceiling. For some reason these canned products dry to a rock hard finish (where as normal texture products are soft) and scraping the canned product off to repair the ceiling properly becomes a time consuming and costly procedure.

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