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Commonly asked ceiling texture repair questions.

My ceiling got wet from a leak in the bathroom above. There are some stains, and in a few spots the texture is lifting? How can I repair it?

This is very common and the leading cause of texture repairs. Leaking pipes, leaking roofs and unwanted moisture in the ceiling can cause problems from minor staining to major texture falling off the ceiling problems.

The method used to repair the ceiling depends on the size of the damage. The larger the area to repair the more difficult it becomes to match the rest of the texture. A nice even texture spray is needed to repair the area.

Preparing the damaged area for texture application
All loose texture MUST be removed from the ceiling prior to re application by either scraping or sanding. It can be hard to tell how much of the texture has been loosened by the water damage. Carefully inspect the area.

Repair any holes or damage to the drywall. If the application of a drywall compound (drywall mud) is needed make sure that the area it is being applied to is free of old texture. The reason I say this is because you want to keep the ceiling as flat and low as possible. If you mud over texture then you will have a high spot in the ceiling that will be impossible to blend with the rest of the ceiling because it will stick out further. Run a sanding sponge over the area to remove and ruff spots. If the ceiling texture has previously been painted with any kind of paint the prep work will prove more difficult.

Now that the ceiling is nice and smooth it is time to prime the ceiling. I recommend a non oil based non sealing primer like the one I use: Synko quick dry or synko roll on available at home depot. Priming the drywall creates an ideal surface for the texture and insures maximum bonding.

Texture Time
Now its time to apply the ceiling texture. Never use the texture spray cans offered at places like home depot and rona. Its a good cheap idea but the end result is nothing like the result achieved from proper texture materials. i.e. Synko texture mud compound.

No matter how good the prep work is, if the texture is not applied properly the result will be less than satisfactory.

Using a ceiling repair professional is always your best bet.

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