Knock down ceiling texture repair - Calgary ceiling texture repairs

What you should know about Knock down ceiling texture:In order for the knock down ceiling texture to be applied properly the sprayed on mud must be able to absorb into the drywall and dry from the drywall outwards. When the drywall has been painted with an oil based paint such as one of the many Killz products (sealers and stainblockers), the sprayed on mud is not able to absorb into the drywall and as a result begins to dry on the surface. Then when the knock down trowel is being dragged along the ceiling, to create the flat effect, the mud is smeared out and the result is an eye sore.

What you must do to an oil painted ceiling in order to apply the knock down texture:You have a few of options. You can sand through the oil paint, if it is a thin layer. But this can be a back breaking and arduous task. You can buy some drywall mud and skim a fine layer over the oil painted ceiling. Allow that to dry and then apply the knock down texture. Or if the drywall itself is older and misshaped, you could tear it all down and start fresh with brand new drywall.

How to tell if your ceiling is oil painted or not:You can usually tell whether paint is oil or latex by the feel of it... oil paints tend to be very smooth to the touch while latex paints have a slightly rubbery feel. The difference is more distinct with gloss paints, less so with flat paints.

Of course, this method may work for me but is not very helpful if you don't have a tactile "frame of reference"... e.g. experience. Since your objective is to paint over the old paint, the easiest way to tell is to rub an area of the paint with either denatured alcohol or a paint deglosser. If the paint is latex, a small amount of paint may be removed and/or the paint surface will become slightly tacky. If the paint is oil, neither of these things will happen.

Boarding and taping for knock down textured ceilings: As for any type of ceiling texture being applied the ceiling should be free of humps, due to poor drywall boarding or insufficient taping, and also free of ridges left from the drywall mud during the taping process. This is mandatory for all textures but especially for the knockdown texture. This is because, unlike the rest of the textures, the knockdown does not completely cover the drywall. In fact in some situations as much as 20% of the drywall may still show through.

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